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Neighbors and Friends

Something we’ve learned in our time spent in Vermont is that it’s important to appreciate and value one’s community. And as a Vermont business, we know we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the many people who have stood beside us, worked with us, or helped us make Fresh Tracks along the way. This page is for them.

Dog River Valley Revival Trail

These businesses are all situated nearby in the Dog River Valley on Route 12.

Dog River Valley Trail

Vermont Wine and Spirits

For the various people who, like us, have worked tirelessly to further earn Vermont wine and spirit-making the respect it deserves. Check out the Vermont Grape and Wine Council’s Directory  for a list of other Vermont Wineries.

  • Artesano Meadery – Groton
  • Boyden Valley Winery and Spirits – Cambridge
  • Calendonia Spirits – Hardwick
  • Charlotte Village Winery – Charlotte
  • Due North Vineyard – Franklin
  • East Shore Vineyard – Grand Isle
  • Eden Ice Cider Company – West Charleston
  • Grand View Winery – East Calais
  • Hall Home Place Ice Cider – Isle La Motte
  • Honora Winery – West Halifax
  • Huntington River Vineyard – Huntington
  • Lincoln Peak Winery – New Haven
  • Montcalm Vineyard – Castleton
  • Neshobe River Winery – Brandon
  • North Branch Vineyard – Montpelier
  • Otter Valley Winery – Brandon
  • Putney Mountain Winery – Putney
  • Shelburne Vineyard – Shelburne
  • Snow Farm Vineyard – South Hero
  • Sugarbush Vineyard – Colchester
  • Whaleback Vineyard – Poultney

Our Affiliates

Businesses and Organizations that we are involved with

Featured Artists

Friends whose beautiful artwork we have proudly displayed in our tasting room

Perfect Pairing Participants

Folks who make delicious products with which we have paired our wines