Backcountry Blanc

Backcountry Blanc Vermont Wine

Price: $14.99

Our Backcountry Blanc is a clean, dry white wine crafted from Adalmiina grapes grown in our own little backcountry, elevated with just a touch of Lodi Chardonnay. A light and crisp style, with notes of anjou pear, lime, herbs, and a delicate citrus aroma.

Grape Information: Backcountry Blanc is made from the Adalmiina grape – previously known as E.S 6.16.30. It is a workhorse variety created by the legendary Elmer Swenson, with big, juicy, and thin-skinned berries. The grape provides medium acidity and lower brix juice, which is great for clean dry whites and sparkling wine. The grape tends to be harvested early as the pressed juice retains its optimal freshness and fruit characteristics when picked young.

Suggested Pairings: Pair with hard salty cheeses such as sheep’s milk pecorino or aged manchego. Accompany frites, herbed pasta, fresh popcorn


  • Varietal: Adalmiina, Chardonnay
  • Vintage: Non-vintage
  • Harvest Date: N/A
  • Bottle Date: 11/14/14
  • Oak Profile: None
  • Residual Sugar: 0


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