The Messenger – Reserve Marquette

Marquette Wine

This fine Reserve Marquette wine is called The Messenger: a single varietal, 2011 Marquette that displays its Pinot Noir heritage gracefully, while staying true to its new world style. Smooth and supple, it has restrained red fruit and black pepper brought to life by extended oak aging. The finish, in turn, is warm and woodsy. This elixir is blended from our finest barrels, resulting in a wine with a balance of strength and finesse.

Grape information: The Messenger is made from 100% FTF-grown Marquette grapes. In terms of cultivation this grape is outstanding:  not only is it highly disease resistant and cold hardy, but it’s growth-pattern is very organized, and makes for easier vine management. It’s no surprise that this cousin of the Frontenac grape and “grandchild” of Pinot Noir is growing in popularity and prestige across colder wine regions.

Suggested Pairings: Make some scrumptious Grilled Gruyere sandwiches like we did! You can also pair it with mushroom risotto, rich aged gouda, or sip alongside mixed olives.


  • Varietal: Marquette
  • Vintage: 2011
  • Harvest Date: N/A
  • Bottle Date: 8/15/13
  • Oak Profile: French, 16 months
  • Residual Sugar: 0%

Price: $24.99

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