Moving Through Verasion

Verasion is moving swiftly through the vineyard. Big, beautiful bunches of ripe grapes are something that we all know and love, but I find this stage of development to be irresistible. The grapes on the left are seedless table grapes that we will be selling here and at the Burlington Farmer’s Market. The grapes on the right are wine grapes…Marquette.


Right Here

People sometimes ask me why I don’t live in a city or

somewhere a bit more tropical.

This is my answer.


Our delicious La Crescent wine wins a Gold Medal

at the prestigious 2011 International Eastern Wine Competition

(The only Gold Medal awarded to a Vermont wine this year!)

~Available only in our tasting room or through our website~

Featured Summer Wine ~ Vermont Rosé

Celebrate Summer

with our award-winning rosé

20% off of Vermont Rosé

Stop by our geothermally cooled tasting room to try or buy this delicious summer wine!


The vines are so healthy and beautiful right now!

Buds Will Break

The most incredible things

make it spring.

Loving it here in Vermont…even when it seems a bit rough!


Here you can see that the vines on the left are not yet pruned and the vines on the right are.

Grapevines need rather significant pruning to control the crop size for optimum fruit quality,

and to prevent the dreaded “jungle”.

Some vines will send out forty foot shoots…can you imagine if we didn’t prune?!


Despite deep snow this spring, we have now finished pruning the vineyards.

(thank you snowshoes)


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March 2011

Boil Boil Boil………..Prune Prune Prune

February 2011

Wow…40 degrees today! We’ll be pruning the vineyard and tapping the maple trees before you know it! We have stayed quite busy!!! We have been getting some of our wines ready for bottling, hosting and planning events in the tasting room and preparing for those sweet signs of spring in the sugarhouse.

Our new website should launch in the next few months. Though I have really enjoyed doing this all myself, the design work has left much to be desired. And even though I am somewhat proud of the photo that I took of our jam (above), I can ask myself why…after all of that effort…..didn’t I center the blue cloth on the jar..?

We make jam from our own grapes, and this is real jam…not jelly! The feedback has been incredible and we plan to expand the operation.

Stop by the tasting room to pick some up…you will not be disappointed!

December 2010-January 2011

The Digger’s Dance
A medium-bodied red wine made from a blend of 100% Vermont-Grown
St. Croix, Frontenac and Marquette.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our Holiday Party in the tasting room.

Enjoy the snow and the new year!!!

November 2010

Harvest is over, the fermentations are complete and farm is ready for winter.

This doesn’t mean rest though. There is plenty of activity in the winery, the tasting room and the woods.

The vineyard will get a shot of compost and then rest for the winter.

We have released a white wine this week..La Crescent.

Stop by for a taste!



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