Welcome to the Porsche Club of America at Fresh Tracks June 21-25th!

We’re excited to welcome the Porsche Club of America to Fresh Tracks Farm this June! We are looking forward to welcoming them to Fresh Tracks Farm and have them experience our small portion of Vermont.

3 Silver Medals for Fresh Tracks Farm Wine!

The results are in from the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition! We are so thrilled and honored to have received 3 Silver Medals for our 2012 La Crescent, 2014 Marquette Rosé and our 2011 Oak-Aged Frontenac Gris (soon to be released!). We are also SUPER proud to be among several other Vermont Wineries and share with them in celebration!


In honor of our win, we are throwing it back to some super duper pairings we’ve posted here on the blog for Marquette Rosé and La Crescent. Cheers!

What’s Your ‘Local’? (by Edible Green Mountains)

Toward the end of December, we were contacted by the folks at Edible Green Mountain Magazine. They asked us to describe what the word “local” means to us, as Vermont winemakers and farmers. This is what we came up with.

Local” isn’t just our neighborhood as defined by the streets that we live on—it’s the people, the sense of place and the traditions that unite us.

Wine, in particular, is so often the catalyst for gathering friends and family together, and we appreciate that sense of community. And like any community, “local” is always transforming and evolving. It wasn’t all that long ago that wine in Vermont was exclusively imported; in fact, many other local products that we’ve come to know and love were once exclusively imported, too.

Wines have a long and storied history of distinguishing themselves by the cultures and regions from which they come. The influence that a location has on wine is often referred to as terroir, and as Vermont vintners we are starting to see how this translates to our own craft. The concept that location plays a pivotal role in the essence of a product is not unfamiliar to Vermont. In fact, a unique interpretation of this concept can be seen within the local-food movement. From wines and ciders to maple syrup to beef, Vermont seems like a place determined to hold on to its identity.

In a thriving, local-food economy such as Vermont’s, where the products are well crafted and such a reflection of the people who make them, “local” truly defines not just our food, but our culture. This is something to be valued: passionate and dedicated farmers, cheesemakers, brewers and bakers, deeply connected to their customers and to their communities.
There is such beauty in that, something so authentic about knowing where your favorite foods, drinks and products come from and the stories behind the people who made them.

Link to the Full Article

Olympian Liz Stephen hosts Sochi Fundraiser

Our dear friend, Liz Stephens, is on her way to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia! With her help, we hosted a fundraiser at the winery! Click this link for the WCAX news story!

We want to wish a big, excited “GOOD LUCK” to Liz and her family! We couldn’t be more proud 🙂

Times Argus: Make Tracks to Fresh Tracks Farm

Check out this article by Marija Zagarins, published in the Times Argus this June! Click the link and read up!

Here’s a preview: “One of these wineries, Fresh Tracks Farm, three miles from Montpelier in Berlin, has made regular appearances on my radar for well over a year. I’m the type of person who chooses books by their covers, and I use a similarly balanced and thorough process to select wine. I was initially drawn to the winery’s Piggy Pink for its label, which featured a cute watercolor pig set against the ruby rosé. The wine itself didn’t disappoint; in fact, it’s become the bottle I give most as a gift since its appeal has proven universal.”


Vinnesse Today: Vinous Vermont – Beyond Maple Syrup Wonders

Courtesy of Vinesse.com, we’ve been featured yet again (alongside our fellow Vermont wine-making companions) in a wonderful blog. Below is an excerpt, and just click here to bring yourself to the full story!

“Fresh Tracks Farm is located in the rolling hills just outside Montpelier. From its 14-acre vineyard, a selection of rosé-style and white wines is complemented by a highly acclaimed apple wine.”

Burlington Free Press: Drink Local for Thanksgiving

Last Fall, we were featured in this Burlington Free Press Article. We know Thanksgiving is a long ways away, but it’s never too soon to begin your research! Here’s an excerpt from the article, and click here for the full story.

Not sure what to pair with your feast? Wine experts from local vineyards generously offered their expertise to assure you have the perfect wines for every course of your festive meal.

Since the main course for many involves turkey, Christina Castegren – winemaker and proprietor at Fresh Tracks Farm Vineyard and Winery in Berlin – thinks their Frontenac Gris is an ideal choice. “It’s a rich and full-bodied wine that pairs beautifully with turkey and trimmings,” Castegren said.

Seven Days: “Local Beers, Spirits, and Wines for the Spring”

Vermont’s beloved independent newspaper, Seven Days, featured our Freerider Red in their story “Local Beers, Spirits, and Wines for the Spring, the Most Capricious Season.”

“Even though spring throws out some icy days, your luscious, opulent bottles of red wine are best stashed away until the first fires of fall. Fortunately, Vermont winemakers conjure up all styles, and the juicy Fresh Tracks Farm Freerider Red from Berlin — perfect for spring with its dark cherry and plum flavors — offers a chance to taste cold-hardy St. Croix in its unadulterated glory.”

Read the full article here.

The Frontenac Gris Wins a Double Gold Medal!

The Frontenac Gris Wins a Double Gold Medal!

We have been awarded a Double Gold Medal for our 2010 Frontenac Gris wine at the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition. This is the second largest competition in the United States and it judges entries from around the world.

As our regulars know, the 2010 Frontenac Gris is rich in body and in flavor. The wine’s alluring honey aroma paired with its tropical fruit palate and buttery finish, have proven to be an outstanding coalescence. A Double Gold Medal is a great honor. Christina Castegren, the owner and winemaker says, “I’m so thrilled to have won this Double Gold, an award that every winemaker aspires to obtain. This is a wonderful competition not only for their focus on the individual wine’s presence, balance and varietal character but also for the fact that it’s a non-profit competition benefitting a wonderful camp for people going through major life challenges, like cancer.”

We were additionally awarded a Silver Medal for our new red wine named Freerider Red. This wine was also grown and vinified entirely on the farm. The label on this oak-aged, dry St. Croix reads: “Inspired by the joy of being truly free on skiis – Freerider Red celebrates those hard-earned fresh tracks.”  The name Fresh Tracks Farm seems to hold many meanings but perhaps the most prominent is that they are helping to lay the tracks for Vermont to be recognized as a quality wine region.

Fresh Tracks Farm is honored to have been chosen for this award by the well-known panel of judges comprised of sommeliers, educators, enologists, winemakers, writers, and industry consultants from major wine producing areas all over the world. For additional information, contact: Christina Castegren, owner of Fresh Tracks Farm at [email protected].

Stay tuned for the celebration party!

The Fingerlakes International Wine Competition awarded the 2010 Frontenac Gris a Double Gold Medal.

The Finger Lakes International Wine Competition awarded our 2010 Frontenac Gris a Double Gold Medal.

Fresh Tracks Farm in the Rutland Herald

Overcoming preconceptions: Making wine in central Vermont

By Peter Hirschfeld
Vermont Press bureau | February 26,2012

“BERLIN — Hard winters and deep freezes had until recently left Vermont off the world viniculture map. The development of “cold hardy” grape varietals, however, has allowed an emergent wine industry to take root in Green Mountain soils.

From their sprawling compound off Route 12 in Berlin, the husband-wife team at Fresh Tracks Farm Vineyard and Winery is leading the first generation of Vermont winemakers.

Christina Castegren and Kris Tootle planted their first vines in 2003. Today, they boast 14 acres of immaculately maintained grapes. As the Frontenacs, La Crescents and Marquettes amass a growing pile of gold medals from regional and national competitions, Fresh Tracks is among the handful of Vermont vineyards working to redefine the state’s image in the wine community.”

Read the rest of the article here: https://www.rutlandherald.com/article/20120226/NEWS03/702269903/1004/NEWS03