New Maple Wine

Maple Wine Release

Kris Tootle posing with the new Maple Wine from Fresh Tracks Farm.

After 4 years of playing around with this wine…here it is!

We started our maple syrup production as a way to diversify our farm and our lives.

It made sense…while things were a bit slow in the vineyard,

we could make use of the resources on our farm and tap some trees.

Well, we ended up having a lot of fun with it and, like most of our other projects, it grew and grew and grew.

Now we are completely nuts in the spring. Oh well!

Then we decided that we wanted to bring the different pieces of the farm

full circle to make a maple wine.

Stop by this Thursday for a free sample of this rich dessert wine.

(Thank you Kris for posing with the bottle so that I didn’t have to spend 3 hours trying to get a shot without glare)