Make the PERFECT Sweet & Spicy Sauce

  WARNING: This recipe is so easy and so delicious your family and friends will request it weekly!

Have this recipe on hand to carry you safely through the hectic holiday season! It’s inspired by simple ingredients made better by being local, natural, and GMO-free! Also the ingredients are foods you can store in your pantry or freezer, making them available for a last minute pot-luck or an easy-to-make weeknight dish.

You’ll need THREE ingredients:

  • Grape Jam (Fresh Tracks Farm Grape Jam makes it extra special!)
  • Chili/Hot Pepper Sauce (Vermont Pepper Works has a wide range of *heat* to counter our sweet grapes!)
  • Meat (Consider Misty Knoll Farms Chicken Wings or Drumsticks for a finger-licken dish!)


Directions (so EASY your kids can help!)

Oven: Pre-heat to 375 (Cook Time 1 hour pending on choice of meat)  OR Crockpot: Low Heat (Cook Time 3-4 Hours)

In either oven-safe baking dish or Crockpot, place choice of meat (Kielbasa, Meatballs, Chicken Wings, Drumstick, Thighs, Pork Butt, etc. work well with this sauce.)

Use equal parts Grape Jam/Jelly to Chili/Hot Sauce (Example: 1/2 cup of each for four medium sized chicken drumsticks)

Pour Grape Jam and Chili Sauce over meat, cover (or lid on Crockpot) and place into the oven.Finished Product

 For oven preparation, cook in a single layer and coat meat. Do not worry about mixing the two ingredients as they come together as a sauce while caking in the oven.

 It doesn’t look like much, but the end result yields tender meat and an incredible sauce that pairs with with fluffy Basmati Rice or creamy mashed potatoes.

 Additional Ideas and Suggestions:

This is one of those recipes where you can make it as a hot appetizer (sliced Kielbasa, wings, mini-meatballs,) or prepare it for a main course (pulled pork, chicken thighs, roast). The sauce pairs very well over cooked rice, mashed potatoes, or even a hearty pasta. It can be prepared ahead of time, same-day, or slow-cooked. With only three ingredients it’s a must have going into this Holiday Season!

Wine Pairing:

Fresh Tracks Farm’s Vermont Apple Wine