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Thanksgiving Dinner Pairings

Ah Thanksgiving, a highly anticipated holiday for all here in the US. There’s nothing like that delicious roasted turkey or a large serving of your favorite Thanksgiving stuffing; throw some cranberry sauce on the side and make sure not to forget the mashed taters and gravy. Yum!

For all of you Fresh Tracks Farm wine lovers, you know how crucial it is to top the feast off with some amazing wine pairings. Lucky for you, we prepared a faux Thanksgiving Dinner for all of the employees to find the very best Fresh Tracks Farm wine and Thanksgiving pairings.  Check out our suggestions for which FTF wines pair well with some of our favorite Thanksgiving meals! All of the recipes we used can be found in this handy-dandy guide!

Cheers and Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!

Sincerely Yours, The FTF Staff


La Panciata Garlic Foccacia
Grafton Smoked Cheddar
VT Brie from Blythedale Farm
-Any kind of jam or preserve

La Crescent and Little Piggy Pink paired perfectly with our selection of pre-dinner cheeses. It was a nice way to ease into dinner with some sweetness, while making your mouth water thinking about the savory meal to follow.

 Cranberry-Pear Sauce
Little Piggy Pink and La Crescent
both paired well with this sauce. The Cherries in the sauce matched up perfectly with the cherry notes in Little Piggy, while the tartness of the cranberries complimented it’s finish.  The subtle pear notes in the  La Crescent were brought out by the pears in the sauce.  The La Crescent’s acidity was able to stand up to the acidity in the dish. These two pairings brought a nice, fresh lift to the table, like a fresh squeezed lemon on fish.

Thanksgiving Stuffing

Digger’s Dance was the perfect pairing for this yummy and flavorful dish. The peppery finish of this wine complemented the spices and brought out the delicious range of flavors in the stuffing.




Green Bean Casserole (left)

American White paired best with the green bean casserole. The dryness and acidity of the white cut through and balanced the creamy fat of the cream of mushroom soup that was used. It provided a nice contrast and a very tasty pairing!




Golden Mashed Potato Gratin (right)

Both Digger’s Dance and American White paired well with this delicious dish. Both wines are dry so they become softened when pairing with these creamy potatoes. Digger’s medium bodied feel wrapped around the flavor and thick body of the potatoes, where as the American White cut through creaminess while balancing the fat with it’s acidity.



Herbed, Roasted Turkey

Frontenac Gris and Digger’s Dance are amazing paired alongside this delicious bird. The Gris’ acid balances the fat of the turkey, and gives you an amazing burst of flavor. The tannins in the Digger’s Dance cut the fat while complimenting the taste of the turkey with it’s pronounced berry flavors.

Who’s hungry now?





Apple and Pumpkin Pie

American White paired really well with these delicious after dinner sweets! The high alcohol levels in the American White give it an impression of sweetness while balancing the sugar in the pies.




Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

The best way to finish off a meal with this rich and creamy vanilla ice cream is to drizzle it with some of our amazing maple dessert wine. They are a match made in heaven.



(Recommended) Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and Wine Pairings!

Little Piggy with Cherry Garcia!

Last Summer, we hosted the Perfect Pairing that started it all: Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream combined with our very own Fresh Tracks wine! And the results were fantastic. So, for Thanksgiving, we’re recommending the very same thing! We sampled over a dozen different ice cream flavors with our eight wines, and these were the three winners!

Cherry Garcia ice cream immediately stood out as a perfect pairing for our Little Piggy Pink sweet rosé wine. They both exhibit cherry notes, and the wine’s off-dry finish was a pleasant addition to one of Ben & Jerry’s most scrumptious flavors.
Their Pistachio Pistachio ice cream coupled nicely with the fruity – yet subtle – flavors of our La Crescent white wine.
Lastly, we concocted a euphoria-inducing dessert combo: Cinnamon Buns ice cream and our delectably sweet Apple Wine!