The Frontenac Gris Wins a Double Gold Medal!

The Frontenac Gris Wins a Double Gold Medal!

We have been awarded a Double Gold Medal for our 2010 Frontenac Gris wine at the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition. This is the second largest competition in the United States and it judges entries from around the world.

As our regulars know, the 2010 Frontenac Gris is rich in body and in flavor. The wine’s alluring honey aroma paired with its tropical fruit palate and buttery finish, have proven to be an outstanding coalescence. A Double Gold Medal is a great honor. Christina Castegren, the owner and winemaker says, “I’m so thrilled to have won this Double Gold, an award that every winemaker aspires to obtain. This is a wonderful competition not only for their focus on the individual wine’s presence, balance and varietal character but also for the fact that it’s a non-profit competition benefitting a wonderful camp for people going through major life challenges, like cancer.”

We were additionally awarded a Silver Medal for our new red wine named Freerider Red. This wine was also grown and vinified entirely on the farm. The label on this oak-aged, dry St. Croix reads: “Inspired by the joy of being truly free on skiis – Freerider Red celebrates those hard-earned fresh tracks.”  The name Fresh Tracks Farm seems to hold many meanings but perhaps the most prominent is that they are helping to lay the tracks for Vermont to be recognized as a quality wine region.

Fresh Tracks Farm is honored to have been chosen for this award by the well-known panel of judges comprised of sommeliers, educators, enologists, winemakers, writers, and industry consultants from major wine producing areas all over the world. For additional information, contact: Christina Castegren, owner of Fresh Tracks Farm at [email protected].

Stay tuned for the celebration party!

The Fingerlakes International Wine Competition awarded the 2010 Frontenac Gris a Double Gold Medal.

The Finger Lakes International Wine Competition awarded our 2010 Frontenac Gris a Double Gold Medal.