Sit, Sip & Heel with Alec Sparks!

SaturdayJun 29 1:30-3:30

We are thrilled to have Alec Sparks of Snowbound Kennels back to the vineyard for another canine workshop! Join us from 1:30-3:30pm on Saturday, June 29th, for an informative and hands-on seminar where Alec will work with both humans and their canine companions to help build communication skills, confidence, and control.

This educational seminar is great for all who want to increase their awareness and understanding of our four-legged friends, whether or not you have one as a pet. Dogs are an integral part of our society; knowing how to approach and interact with them and their humans can help us all maintain healthy and happy relationships!

A couple of important notes to ensure a fun and successful seminar!:
1) Please RSVP to this event by responding “Going” if you are interested in bringing your pup. Provide yours and their name, your dogs age, and a brief description.
2) Please arrive by 1:15 to ensure a timely start to the seminar. This applies to all who wish to attend, with or without dogs.
3) If you do plan to bring your pup, PLEASE provide them with a safe and comfortable environment to wait in until Alec calls your dog. It is essential to the success of the seminar that we do not have dogs running around and causing distractions to other dogs/people. We recommend keeping your dogs in your car, in a crate or without depending upon the dog, until Alec is ready to work with them.
4) Come with an open mind! There is always room for improvement, so let’s do it together!