Toast to Creativity

Toast to Creativity w/ Nick Neddo

WednesdayAug 05 6:00 - 8:00 pm

We have a special Toast to Creativity for you! On August 5th, in addition to our discounted Wine Down Wednesday celebrationscome visit the winery and learn about Montpelier-artist Nick Neddo! Nick is a sixth generation Vermonter who has been ‘making art since he could first pick up a crayon.’ Like so many of us, he grew up with a profound infatuation of nature. But his creative pursuit has a unique twist….

All of his materials come from the natural world: They are foraged from the landscape – fibers, furs, berries, beeswax, muds, sticks and stones are all transformed into pens, paintbrushes, crayons, charcoal, inks, paints, paper, inkwells and sketchbooks. So when he creates his portrait of a wild turkey, he uses a turkey feather quill and pine soot ink. His painting of a coyote is made using a coyote hair brush. And his collection of berries is drawn with inks dyed by those same berries.

Nick Neddo has been featured in a variety of magazines, websites, and newspapers – including, but not limited to: Seven Days, Bear Pond Books, and Vermont Public Radio.