Updates from the Farm

Post-harvest season has arrived once again.  Our newest wines have finished fermenting, the leaves have fallen off the vines, and the cold weather is settling in. We wake up every morning with a greater appreciation for slower days, and take a moment to appreciate the crystalline beauty that envelopes our glorious landscape.20121102_FT_Farm_Horses_11

Meanwhile, preliminary taste tests are yielding very promising results for our newest vintages, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. The aroma of the La Crescent is lovely, the Frontenac Gris has its naturally full and tropical palate, and tomorrow we taste the reds again before moving them into the barrel room!

As far as the vines go, all of the leaves have fallen off because of the recent chilly temperatures.  I find them especially beautiful this time of year, having just bore their fruit and prepared themselves for winter. They look so neat and tidy, and even have this orange-ish hue that contrasts so brightly with the still brilliantly green grass. It looks like a painting, or a picture that has the saturation turned up high – much like the colors that we had this fall!  Speaking of which, this fall was incredible. Between the foliage, the sunshine, and the stunning temperatures it couldn’t have been any better. The vines enjoyed it too. Their leaves got to stay on for many weeks after harvest, basking in the sun and storing up lots of essential nutrients for next year. Often we get hit by a damaging frost much earlier leaving the vines less time to prepare for the following year, so we are very excited to see what next year will bring! This week the guys will finish up placing our very own compost at the base of the vines to give them that little extra boost.

20121102_FT_Farm_Horses_04On top of all of this, we are happy to welcome Mr. P to our farm family. Mr. P is a 9 year old Cheval, which is a Canadian Breed.  Mr. P tried to be a bachelor dressage champion in his earlier days but decided that the farm life was a better fit for him (who could blame him?).  Now his life consists of trail riding and adjusting to a social life that includes Colleen (our lady horse) and the chickens (they’re real gossipers, you know?).  He’s fitting in just fine though, and we are so very excited to have him! You can check out his most recent facebook album here.  He likes his picture taken – I think it must be from his dressage days.

Anyways, that’s what’s going on around the farm. Thanks for reading!