La Crescent

Price: $12.99

Our La Crescent is a crisp, delicately floral white wine with tendencies towards lychee, citrus fruit, and white flowers. Whether you are looking for something to sip on in the sunshine, pour alongside a Alsatian cheeseboard or bring along to a potluck gathering, it is sure to be a favorite. This wonderfully fragrant grape makes us work a little harder, but it’s well worth the effort.

Grape Information: 100% FTF-grown La Crescent. A hybrid that’s resistant to temperatures of approximately -36 degrees Fahrenheit, and moderately disease resistant. Click here for more viticultural information, courtesy of the University of Minnesota.

Suggested Pairings: Try with mild Asian dishes, such as summer rolls or vegetable tempura.


  • Varietal: La Crescent
  • Harvest Date: NA
  • Bottle Date: 6/7/17
  • Oak Profile: None
  • Residual Sugar: 1.35%

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