* Sold Out! * Little Piggy Pink

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Our Little Piggy Pink is a whimsical homage to faithful farm friends. This handsome ruby rosé is made from our farm-grown Frontenac grapes, styled off-dry and displaying deep cherry & strawberry aromas with a refreshingly dry finish.

Grape Information: Little Piggy Pink is made from 100% FTF Frontenac grapes. This grape is a deep garnet color with cherry aromas and a dark fruit palate. The vine is seriously cold hardy, producing a good sized crop after winters as cold as -36 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a vigorous vine that gets established rather quickly. Frontenac is also extremely disease resistant, which is an important trait for a wetter region like Vermont.

Suggested Pairings: Little Piggy Pink Lemonade Slushies! You can also try it with our Peaches and Honey Crostinis!


  • Varietal: Frontenac
  • Vintage: NV
  • Oak Profile: None
  • Residual Sugar: 3.225%

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