2017 Vermont Rosé

Price: $11.99

This Vermont Rosé is an dry alternative to heavy reds or lean whites. With hints of early strawberry, spring herbs and tart cherry aromas, it is well suited for picnics, light summer dinners, or simply on its own. Crafted from our St.Croix grapes, this wine is a notable example of the high quality wines that can be produced from northern varietals.

Grape Information: Vermont Rosé is made from 100% FTF grown St.Croix and Adalmiina. St.Croix is cold-hardy, disease-resistant grape is yet another Elmer Swenson-inspired creation from the University of Minnesota. The Adalmiina grape was previously known as E.S 6.16.30. It is a workhorse variety created by the legendary Elmer Swenson, with big, juicy, thin-skinned berries.

Suggested Pairings: This wine pairs well with sharp cheddar and creamy blue cheeses. You can also make delicious sangria with it! Or even pair it with our very own fried fiddleheads recipe!


  • Varietal: St. Croix
  • Vintage: 2017
  • Bottle Date: 8/22/18
  • Oak Profile: None
  • Residual Sugar: 0.4

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