Winemaker Walking

                Fletcher and I took a walk through the vineyard this morning looking for trouble.  After the lightning strikes and the heavy-as heavy-gets rain yesterday, we were expecting a mess. What we found was a healthy and vibrant vineyard. The crop looked balanced and beautiful . There is always such a sense of excitement and wonder on a morning like this. I think ahead to the flavors that I might find in the glass and I smile. It never ceases to amaze me. I started planting these vines in my early twenties and now my hands can’t stretch around some of the trunks. They are stalky and impressive.

                 It feels like spring is becoming summer. The days are getting longer and the luminous and fluorescent greens of spring are settling into their summer shades. We are celebrating this change with the expansion of our tasting room hours.


Wed: 1:00-7:00

Thu: 1:00-7:00

Fri: 1:00-9:00

Sat: 11:00-6:00

Sun 11:00-6:00